To increase capacity and better serve its patients, the Womack Army Medical Center Main Pharmacy will undergo renovations scheduled to begin March 17.
The improvements will add two patient windows to the pharmacy and implement a number system to call patients to order and receive their prescriptions.
Patients may experience extended wait times during the 60-day renovation period as one of the existing five windows will temporarily close during construction.
The Pharmacy Annex and North Post Exchange Pharmacy both provide alternative options for individuals needing electronic or paper prescriptions filled or electronic and they also provide prescription refills.
Col. Jorge Carrillo, chief, WAMC Department of Pharmacy, asks that patients please bear with the temporary inconvenience because the renovations will help improve the quality of service once complete.
“The new number system will allow us to better manage our workload and focus on tending to a patient’s needs,” he said. “It will increase our capacity by bringing staff currently managing tables outside the pharmacy back inside and behind a window where they can provide a fuller range of service.”
Carrillo said that the new queuing system will ensure that pharmacists are filling prescriptions for people who are actively waiting for their medications versus spending their time filling orders that may never be picked up.
“The new system will ensure that we are focusing our attention and efforts on those who are in the waiting room,” he said. “Instead of forcing patients to wait up to 45 minutes for their name to appear, they draw a number and are called to the window where someone will begin filling their prescription.
Not only does it respect their time, but also protects their privacy by not having their name show on a display board for the next two hours.” Construction is expected last through mid-May. Once complete, the pharmacy will have seven fully operational windows and the new queuing system in place.
“We’re one of the busiest pharmacies in the Department of Defense and we’re always looking for ways to improve our processes,” said Carrillo. “When I say we’re committed to improving the patient experience, I mean it. We are continuously working to improve the quality of care we provide.”