Two veterans were recognized at Fort Bragg’s annual Good Neighbor Induction Dinner March 8 for enhancing the quality of life for Soldiers, civilians and their Families.
The program is designed to annually recognize exceptional individuals from Fort Bragg’s surrounding communities who, through their endeavors, have enhanced quality of life for our Soldiers, civilians and their Families. Finalists Craig Hardy and Ronnie McCan were honored for their amazing efforts at the awards ceremony.
Hardy, a local first responder was honored for his support of the Buddy Backpack program, which provides food for children who are food-insecure when school is dismissed for the weekend. Hardy has also helped his fire station with fundraising to obtain Christmas presents for needy children. Hardy is the former president of Rolling Thunder North Carolina Chapter 1.
“I am honored to receive this award, the fact that someone took the time to nominate me is a honor in itself. Out of all the recipients, they chose me and I love what I do in the community,” Hardy said.
“I have spent many years working with veterans and helping their families. After I receive this award, I will keep assisting and striving to touch as many lives as possible.”
The Rolling Thunder publicizes The National League of Families (POW-MIA) issues. This programs educates the public that many American prisoners of war are left behind after all previous wars. This is to help correct the past and to protect future veterans from being left behind should they become POW-MIA.
McCan, a retired command sergeant major, served on the board of advisors for the Green Beret Foundation. Co-founder of Special Forces Charitable Trust program, a fraternal organization with over 10,000 members.
McCan was nominated due to his accomplishment of serving others after retiring from the military.
“I am speechless about the award I am receiving. It is an honor to be here and to receive this award” said McCan.
The Special Forces Charitable Trust specializes in three different programs: Family and Community, Education and Motivation and Veterans and Heritage.
The 2017 Good Neighbor Induction Dinner was held at the Iron Mike Center.
Both conscientious individuals were giving trophies, certificates and special pin. The event was full with festival, music and dinner. The night ended with both winners giving speeches and be greeted afterwards by members of the audience.