Over 100 Soldiers from the 28th Combat Support Hospital, a subordinate unit of the 44th Medical Brigade, participated in a casualty training exercise, March 12. The training is a way to mark a unit ready for deployment.
When wounded Soldiers enter triage, they are examined to see how significant their injuries are in order to receive the proper treatment.
“When Soldiers come in, some of them are in shock and freaking,” said Pfc. Alberto Juanrico, emergency medical technician, 44th Med. Bde.
“I do my best to calm them down so that I can fully access them and to get them the next level of care that is needed.”
The medical team is trained to deal with any injury from broken bones and gunshot wounds, to injuries due to explosives.
In three days, Soldiers from the unit set up a fully functional, 44-bed hospital underneath tents to practice treating Soldiers wounded on the battlefield.
Hospital sections consist of triage, radiology, surgical room, intensive care and step down.
The smallest unit plays an important role in healing or saving the lives of fellow comrades injured on the battlefield. Soldiers whose injuries are deemed too critical and in need of further medical attention, were transferred by Airman via C-130 or C-17 aircraft from the battlefield to the states. The Soldiers are then able to receive proper treatment while in the air, on secured hospital beds on the aircraft.
This mass casualty exercise was evaluated at the end of training to see where growth is needed. The exercise could not have been successful without all medical Soldiers working in small teams.
According to one emergency room physician from Fort Hood, Texas who helped guide the exercise and answer questions as needed, the training is important for those working in the medical field.
“This is a primary training for the medics, for the nurses and other departments to stress the system and to show us where we need to improve.”