Students of Shughart Elementary School filled the cafeteria on March 16 to participate in the first annual Fort Bragg Cuba sing-a-long. This is a celebration for the youth all over the installation as the World’s Largest Concert.
“It’s ‘Music in Our Schools month,’ and we celebrate it every year. We try to showcase the music programs that we offer and the activities that we been doing with the children”. said Asst. Principal, Ms. Gladys Blount.
The sing-a-long is a national event: many schools all over the U.S. took part. Children of all ages stood side by side clapping, smiling and swinging side to side while performing songs like The Star-Spangled Banner, Singing Together and Power in me.
“To help with the event were teachers; we have education technologists, music teachers and administrators. We all work together as a team to form this event,” Blount said.
The event was open to the public; so many spectators came out to enjoy the music, along with the middle school chorus students from Albritton and Shughart.
“I get a lot out of this because both my mother and father were in the military. So, I get to give back from the opportunity from that when I was a kid. I get a lot of knowing that the kids are not just singing but they are taking this beyond their classroom”.
Music in Our Schools is celebrated every year in March, and the videos from this event can be seen on Department of Defense Education Activity (DoDEA) websites.