Service members and their Families who are considering leaving military service within the next 18 months have a great opportunity to begin looking for a professional life after their service Fort Bragg’s Transition Expo, 24- 26 April at the Iron Mike Conference Center. Organizers of the expo, Fort Bragg’s Soldier for Life-Transition Assistance Program and the United Services Organization of North Carolina’s Pathfinder Program, plan to have more than 80 companies and organizations attending and ready to answer Service members and their Families questions about employment opportunities.
“Military transition is simply the change from military to civilian status,” said Bridgett Byrd, transition service specialist with Fort Bragg’s Soldier for Life-Transition Assistance Program. “Far from simple, this can be a move from active duty to Veteran or to a retired life but, for many it is the beginning of a new experience.
The Expo will offer an array of options for attendees to take an advantage of. Representatives on hand will vary from government positions, to law enforcement, IT, manufacturing, agriculture and various other careers Service members have shown an interest in. Employers will provide booth displays for job openings, material about their organizations and a chance for job seekers to communicate in-depth with employers.
“These are not just local jobs, nor entry positions, these are jobs available throughout the US that can lead to a career,” said Tom McCollum, Fort Bragg Garrison’s public affairs officer. “There is a wide variety of employers coming here looking for potential employees who know how to lead, are task oriented, have a good work ethic and can be counted on, exactly what Fort Bragg service members have to offer.”
Being able to plan ahead will give Service members an opportunity to get themselves on track and continue the path to achieving their goals. The effort they put into planning their transition will directly affect their future career success and quality of life. “
“Service members and spouses will need to first decide which career field they plan to go into,” Byrd added. “Once this is decided, they should tailor their resume toward that career field. They will need bring copies of their resume with them to the Hiring Fair. All attendees should dress in a professional manor, as if they are going to a job interview. First impression is everything. They also may want to research the companies they plan on speaking with. The more they know about the company, the better “first impression” they may display to the employer.”
In addition to Service members, the summit is open to veterans and military spouses looking for a better job or new career.
The hiring fair is just one part of the Transition Expo. Throughout the three-day event it will offer workshops and briefings on how to prepare for interviews, how to highlight service members’ talents for civilian jobs and how to separate veterans from their civilian counterparts.
One of the sessions will include former NFL star, Marques Ogden. Since finishing his pro football career, Ogden has become a respected entrepreneur, businessman, mentor and best-selling author.
“I am honored to be taking part in this, said Ogden. “Both of my grandfathers fought in World War II, so I’m honored I get to speak and also honor their legacies.”
“The whole intent of the expo is focused on improving competitive employment, not just getting “Joes and Janes” hired for minimum wages,” said McCollum. ”Everyone who attends should not expect to leave with a job offer but with a contact who is truly interested in talking to them because they are interested in hiring the.”
For more information and to register for the workshops and training sessions go to or if you have any questions contact Bridgett Byrd at