Pretzel shaped maneuvers, head locks and tapping out are all techniques that make up the Modern Army Combative training. The purpose of this training is to provide Soldiers close quarters and hand-to-hand combat education.
“(This) teaches Soldiers how to defend themselves in close combat with enemy,” said Christopher Hill, Headquarters and Headquarters Battery, 108th Air Defense Artillery Brigade. “The school runs numerous classes throughout the year that Soldiers can attend, or their unit just sends them as they are needed to make sure they learn these skills.”
“So there is hand-to hand combat that teaches ground techniques. As they teach in the class most fights end up from stand to the ground simultaneously and that’s the biggest thing here being close to your opponent and how to subdue that opponent and how to protect yourself and defend yourself.”
This school has three phases or three levels to attend which teaches various skills on self-defense. The warriors who attend the Fort Bragg course have the opportunity to learn Army Combatives Levels 1 and 2. Combatives Level 1 gives the student one week to learn basic moves and introduces physical contact to the Soldier. Level 2 students work for two weeks focusing more on ground and rolling moves.
Winners of these combat training sessions get the opportunity to participate in the Championship round in Texas. These classes help Soldiers prepare for physical readiness in the military.