Delta Children gave away over 300 cribs on March 28, at Hercules Physical Fitness Center. This event was open to active duty Soldiers and military spouses who have welcomed their new baby after Jan. 1 or are expecting to deliver before Oct. 31. Delta Children has a Sleep Safe Campaign that educates parents on the importance of creating safe conditions for their children.
“My mission, being part of Delta Children, is safety. We try to make sure the industry makes safe products. Everyone needs to understand what safe sleep is,” said Joe Shamie, CEO, Delta Children.
Before giving away cribs, Shamie gave parents tips about child safety. Tips such as always put babies on their backs, don’t hang items such as pictures near the crib, never leave any soft items such as toys, blankets or pillows in the crib, etc.
Congressman Richard Hudson also attended the event speaking to and helping Soldiers load cribs and mattresses into vehicles.
“I love to go out and educate. I love the military, my favorite, I love being here with these people. They are the very people that make my life, my Family’s life, my children and everyone of us great in America,” Shamie said. “If it wasn’t for them, we wouldn’t exist, so that’s my passion for these young men and women. I’d rather be here then making a sale at Walmart, that’s how passionate I am about this. First is the Safe Sleep Campaign, second is saying thank you to our troops and third is to educate about safety.”