Over 30 Soldiers from different military installations (including the XVIII Airborne Corps) participated in the Power Athlete program that took place at Fredericks gym on March 29.
Former NFL player and founder of Power Athlete John Welbourn helps Soldiers with physical readiness.
“We are fostering and helping these guys be a better version of themselves,” Welbourn said. “Movement is our number one deal. It all breaks down to what I call several prominent movements which is knowing what our body can do: it can push, it can pull, teaching them how to properly do these things. We are teaching them how to move and putting a little spin on what we would teach professional athletes.”
Welbourn has played for teams such as the Philadelphia Eagles, Kansas City Chiefs and the New England Patriots.
Power Athlete is a worldwide strength and conditioning organization that delivers products that empower performance.
He walked around the gym demonstrating to Soldiers the different techniques they can use to strengthen their bodies.
“...[I’m] showing these guys that they are professional athletes whether they think about themselves that way or not. They are getting paid to do a task, they are getting paid to train and they are getting paid to execute, so they are being held to that standard. And we provide them with the opportunities and tools to do it,” he said.
The purpose behind this training is to build strength and endurance which also reduces injuries, ultimately increasing Army readiness.
The four day classes not only included physical training but classroom education as well.
“When tracking readiness within the last year, we noticed that the majority of injuries are muscular skeletal and the majority of those were due to the way we are training,” Lt. Gen. Paul J. LaCamera said. “So we wanted to bring in, to use experts to help us with getting after binding down that list of injuries ahead of time­--so then, on the back end--we can actually reduce our number of people with muscular skeletal issues.”
“Part of bringing this program is to train our junior leaders on the proper coaching and the proper exercises, to improve our fitness, the ability to resist injury while we are in motion, no matter what task we are doing or what job we are trying to accomplish in the military,” LaCamera said.
Along with Welbourn’s website, he has a podcast, “Power Athlete.” For more information or to register for training visit: http://powerathletehq.com.