Soldiers of the 330th Transportation Battalion are ‘on the move’ to support units throughout XVIII Airborne Corps that are preparing for training at the Joint Readiness Training Center (JRTC) and the Warfighter 18-04 Exercise.
The ‘Heart of the Dragon’ Battalion, comprised of movement control teams and a cargo transfer company, provides simultaneous in-transit visibility and movement tracking of sustainment assets throughout XVIII Airborne Corps.
Throughout March and April, mission support will take the ‘Heart of the Dragon’ Soldiers to Charleston, South Carolina, Port Arthur, Texas and Fort Polk, Louisiana in support of the 2nd Brigade Combat Team, 82nd Airborne Division.
Soldiers of the 609th Mvmt. Ctl. Team are preparing to support 2/82nd JRTC exercise through the shipping of all equipment by vessel. In conjunction with the 2/82nd and 842nd Transportation Battalion (SDDC), Soldiers will track and receive equipment during the vessel offload at Port Arthur, Tx. explained Sgt. 1st Class Robert Williams, senior movements supervisor, 609th Movement Control Team.
“Vehicles will be staged in 25 vehicle convoys to Fort Polk, La. where a team of Soldiers will track them to the final destination,” he added.
Pvt. Kieric Hicks, movements specialist, 609th Movement Control Team, explained, the unit prepared for the missions in Texas and Louisiana by training on in-transit visibility systems, to include the Transportation Coordinators’—Automated Information System II, the Very Small Aperture Terminal, portable deployment kits and by supporting deployment readiness exercises with their partner unit to best manage equipment tracking.
Meanwhile, Soldiers from the 329th Movement Control Team, 330th Trans. Bn. will head to Camp Atterbury, Ind. to train to support the defense chemical, biological, radiological, nuclear, explosive response force (DCRF).
The unit will assume the mission in June to provide support to local civilians in the event of a natural disaster or nuclear event within 24 hours, explained Staff Sgt. Jason Lorditch, movement supervisor, 329th Mvmt. Ctl. Team.
“We will train at Camp Atterbury with Reserve and National Guard forces for a month-long training event where we will conduct movement control functions and provide in-transit visibility of personnel and cargo,” added Lorditch.
Spc. Tory Gutierrez, movements specialist, 329th Mvmt. Ctl. Team explained,
the unit validated operations in preparation for their DCRF mission while working with Soldiers from the United Kingdom at Sunny Point, South Carolina.
Soldiers worked in the loading dock to document and track vehicles and equipment as it was prepared to convoy to Fort Bragg she added.
“We were able to ensure within one day, all of the UK Soldiers and equipment was escorted to Fort Bragg.”