The U.S. fought side by side with British soldiers for Afghanistan, Iraq and even in War World I. Now joining forces again, the 3rd UK Division travels to Fort Bragg for a two-week training exercise called the Warfighter. This year’s battle command training program exercises is the first ever on this type of command level, with hundreds of British Soldiers joining the exercise.
“The things that I have learned from the British Soldiers is how they operate, their battle rhythms, the way their doctrine carries them through exercises are important because now I don’t have those questions when we go forward,” said Brig. Gen. Xavier T. Brunson, chief of staff, XVIII Airborne Corps.

“I know some of what they do, how they do it and why they do it. The more people we expose to this exercise the better off we are as an institution — the Army.”
Warfighter supports realistic, stressful training for XVIII Airborne Corps, 1st Special Forces Command, 3rd Expeditionary Sustainment Command, 4th Infantry Division and the British Army’s 3rd U.K. Division in joint exercises. This trains units to win decisively on the modern battlefield and to conduct contingency operations worldwide.
“We are able to get a variety of incidents and scenarios and tactical operations strategic problems that we able to work through to home that edge that the core is ready to go anywhere, anytime, anyplace to either our nations choosing or whatever we are called,” said Brunson.
Warfighting exercises are common across the U.S. Army, often used to validate the training of a division or corps command. British troops flew to Fort Bragg for this training exercise.
“Having the British here adds huge value to our training environment and experience because we partnered with the British and other allied partners around the globe. So it adds realism and forces us to better understand everybody strengths and capabilities to leverage those against the adversary,” said Col. Josh Walker, chief of staff the 1st Special Forces Command.
“We are working really hard to make sure that should US operatives ever be required for any conflict, anywhere in the world in the future and knowing that we will be working a long side each other we are fully prepared to win in that conflict as we possibly can be,” said Maj. Gen. N. R. M. Borton.
Borton is the current commander of the 3rd UK Division alongside Brig. Gen. Douglas C. Crissman. Crissman is a US Soldier who serves as deputy commander of the 3rd UK Division, Bulford Camp army base.
“I am an American officer who has served in this division now for almost two years. I think it’s reassuring, and citizens should be reassured that we have an ally that is not just volunteering and participating in an exercise like this, but excelling at it. That should be reassuring to those to know that it’s not just the US Army that’s going to be involved in a future conflict. We are going to have allies like the UK right beside us. We are training with them to be sure that it goes well when the time comes,” Crissman said.