Three Fort Bragg facilities were recognized in March for reducing their environmental impact.
The three facilities with the Logistics Readiness Centers’ Installation Transportation Office earned initial certification under the Fort Bragg “Green Boot Program.” The environmental impact reductions in the program come through water conservation, energy conservation, recycling and other initiatives.
David Edwards, the center’s environmental health and safety manager, was instrumental in calling attention to the Installation POV Storage Lot Office, the Installation Motor Pool Maintenance Office, and the Installation Motor Pool Dispatch Office, according to a statement released by Fort Bragg’s Directorate of Public Works.
Avis Covin was the Green Boot Program point of contact for the Installation POV Storage Lot. He said the certification wasn’t as difficult as expected.
“Our office was already recycling and conscientious of energy savings, so we thought we would give certification a try,” he said.
Robert Williamson III, James Goodrich, and Marvan Boone served as Green Boot Program points of contact for the dispatch office and the maintenance office.
“We received a lot of support from our leadership when we expressed our intentions of becoming Green Boot certified,” Williamson said.
Boone recommends that other offices seek certification.
Lynda Pfau, Green Boot Program coordinator, said seven Fort Bragg facilities have active certifications. The initial certification is for a year with recertifications for two years, she said.
Pfau said she doesn’t know how much the Green Boot program has saved because the facilities don’t have separate meters.
“It’s all about doing the right thing, even though there’s no way to prove you’re doing the right thing,” she said.
Fort Bragg was the first Army installation to start a Green Boot program, Pfau said. Other installations now have versions of the program, she said.
For more information about the Green Boot program, contact Pfau at 432-8476 or Details also are available at program.