Brigadier General MarcGagne, Deputy Commanding General of Operations, XVIII Airborne Corps and Bragg, is leaving Fort Bragg.

“The level of readiness you can find at Fort Bragg is second to none,” said Brig. Gen. Marc Gagne, Deputy Commanding General of Operations, XVIII Airborne Corps and Bragg.

“May 30th is when we do the chain of responsibility ceremony between me and the incoming of the other Canadian. That will be the end of my time here,” said Gagne as he prepares to depart from Fort Bragg to embark on a new journey.

Gagne has been at Bragg for two years and is now leaving to go overseas for a year. Then he will be appointed to his next duty station.

He talks about his experiences here during his tour of Fort Bragg from his training, experiences and the knowledge he obtained. He expressed some of his concerns he had when first coming to Fort Bragg.

“The biggest thing to me was jumping again. When I came here I had not jumped in 20 years,” said Gagne. “I was jumping in 2016. I was nervous. In addition, I was also a little intimidated by the size of this place and the organization. Yet, with good people and good support, the experience was good.”

He joked about the weather being different than he's used to. 

“The weather is something I have never experienced, very humid at times, just very different,” said Gagne.

“The size of Fort Bragg and the organization was a little intimidating at first. After about six months is when I started to get used to everything,” said Gagne.

“I was able to get a custom to how the families and the soldiers were taken care of, how the Soldiers were trained and always ready to deploy, how the focus is to make sure that everybody does their job.”

Gagne discussed the job he has performed while at Bragg these past two years.

“The past two years I have been focusing on training, making sure that the training is organized and well supportive, making sure the support is there. It’s a true privilege to be here,” said Gagne.

When asked what advice he is leaving with the people of Fort Bragg, he stated:

“Keep fighting, taking care of yourself, focusing on family and the job. I always tell my Soldiers or anybody that they have to take care of themselves, health wise, physically and mentally. If you do not take care of yourself, then you are no good to anyone.”