Ryder Golf Course hosted the Ryder Summer Blastoff Golf Tournament on Saturday.

The tournament was a shotgun start individual net using 100 percent of the players’ established handicap. Each player was entitled to use one mulligan per nine holes.

Golfers could play in either their age group’s flight or in open flight. Twenty-six golfers played in the open flight. The seniors flight included ages 55-64, but the eligible golfers chose to join the open flight. Twelve golfers participated in the super seniors flight for ages 65-74, and seven golfers ages 75 and up joined the legends flight.

The overall champion was Staff Sgt. Ian Milne of the 83rd Civil Affairs Battalion, who shot a 12 under par 60 with “one of the best rounds of golf ever played here at Ryder Golf Course in my twenty plus years working here,” said Robert Taylor, head golf professional at Ryder Golf Course.

Ian is “not only one of the best (if not the best) golfers on Fort Bragg, but also one of the best golfers in this area, civilian or military,” he added.

Milne said he played one of the best rounds he had, which was surprising due to his handicap. He has a plus three handicap, meaning that three is added to his score. Many of the other players have a handicap that subtracts from their number of hits.

“In these kind of tournaments, it’s a lot harder for me to win because of that aspect of it,” Milne said.

He’s leaving for the All Army golf trial camp on July 15 but hopes to be back for the Fort Bragg Invitational which he won two years ago. He wasn’t able to play last year due to deployment.

Second place in open flight went to Nate Allen who lost his ball in the woods at the water hole. His fellow group members Jewett Brown, Barry Chestnut, and Art Payton helped him find it. Allen likes to show his golfing pictures to his grandson, said Austin Wilson, staff member at Ryder Golf Course.

The super senior flight winners were Toaiva Nunu in first place and Charlie Franks in second place.

The legends flight winners were Fred Thompson in first place and Luis Rodriguez in second place.

Many of the golfers present are frequent players at Ryder and the staff know most of them on a first name basis, according to Wilson.


Open Flight

1st place: Ian Milne - Gross: 60, Net: 63

2nd place: Nate Allen - Gross: 79, Net: 65

3rd place: Gary Ayers - Gross: 77, Net: 66

4th place: Ken Garrison - Gross: 83, Net: 67

5th place: Dan Stephens - Gross 81, Net: 68

6th place: Hollis Peery - Gross: 77, Net: 70

7th place: Eli Villanueva - Gross: 75, Net: 70

Super Senior Flight

1st place: Toaiva Nunu - Gross: 80, Net: 64

2nd place: Charlie Franks - Gross: 74, Net: 65

3rd place: Lance Fragale - Gross: 85, Net: 66

4th place: Ray Miranda - Gross: 78, Net: 68

Legends Flight

1st place: Fred Thompson - Gross: 80, Net: 64

2nd place: Luis Rodriguez - Gross: 80, Net: 66

3rd place: Demetrius Brown - Gross: 84, Net: 68