As part of Fort Bragg’s 100th anniversary celebration, Caliber Collision gifted two Families with free cars.

Caliber Collision held an essay contest over the past few weeks, looking for Families that needed a car. There were more than 100 applicants, but by July 4, it was narrowed down to 10.

The finalists stood on the Main Post Parade Field with their Families waiting for the official winners to be announced. Before the big reveal, each of the 10 were given gift bags with more than $100 worth of merchandise.

Doug Wilberg, director, Technical Training for Caliber Collision, spoke of the heavy burden of deciding which of the two were to be chosen.

“When making this decision, we had to look at who needed this car and how many people’s lives this is going to change,” Wilberg said.

The Families waited anxiously on the field, watching the sky as the U.S. Army Parachute Team, the Golden Knights, jumped in with the keys to the vehicles in their pockets.

The final winners were announced. They were the Blake Barnes and Aquinas Maina Families. Barnes was accompanied by his wife, Victoria, who is 36 weeks pregnant and their two children, Addilynn, 4, and Braylon, 7.

When the vehicles were unveiled, the winners saw that each trunk was full of gifts. Additionally, the Barnes Family had brand-new car seats in their vehicle.