By Jelia Hepner


Punch him! Keep moving! Block those punches! Those were the words heard from the more than 100 spectators who packed Fort Bragg’s Sports USA Aug. 18, to watch boxers fight each other for bragging rights and titles.

Boxers took to the ring to display the results of their rigorous training and conditioning routines.

Contestants such as Jacob “El Gallo” Flores from the 3rd Special Forces Group represented Fort Bragg and had a massive out pour of supporters during the match.

“Unfortunately, it was a loss for the record, but a win to see exactly what I need to work on,” said Flores.

Flores went head to head for three rounds, with a fighter named Al Cock, but came up short for the win.

“I just want to say thanks for everyone that took the time out their day to come see the fights,” said Flores. “I appreciate everyone that supported me and I thank God I was able to walk in and out the ring in good health.”

The main event consisted of undefeated boxer Michael Williams Jr., who is the protégé of world heavyweight champion Roy Jones Jr.

“I saw something in him that made me want to train him,” said Jones Jr. “He listens, he takes these fights seriously and that is why he is undefeated.”

Jones Jr., who has not been back to Fort Bragg in 30 years, attended the event solely to see Williams Jr. fight.

Williams Jr. won the fight and now holds a 7-0 record with 6 knockouts.

Fans who attended the event, not only enjoyed the fights but also participated in a meet and greet with Jones Jr.