Saturday, Sports USA held Dog Days of Summer, a Family-oriented day of food, fun and activities. The sounds of reggae, salsa and rhythm and blues played over the green and yellow streaked speakers of Third Love.

Kids filled buckets of sand at one of the volleyball courts while adults played volleyball on the other. Beside the court, parents Sara and Carlos Pasindo tried to teach their one-year-old son, Oscar, how to play cornhole.

Between the courts, members of the Cape Fear Hockey team took time away from recruiting to knock each other over from inside bubble balls. Adults enjoyed grilled food at umbrella shaded tables while their children ran and bumped into each other.

A couple of kids jumped in a bounce house.

To the back of the yard, Family members lounged in chairs near their little ones and watched them splash around and slide on an inflatable water jungle. Kids launched themselves across the inflatable, landing into the shallow pool of water at the other end.

Little Kristianna Manning braved the water with the bigger kids, her grandmother, Joy, holding her hands to keep her from straying too far. She broke free of her for a moment and attempted to climb up the inflatable where the big kids were. Grandma held her up there protectively before carrying her back to the shallow pool.