Lt. Col. Mike Burns(XVIII Airborne Corps)Prediction:

“San Francisco 49er quarterback Jimmy Garoppolo is 7-0 as a starter. I expect the 49ers will make light work of the Vikings and start the season 1-0.”

In recent years, the San Francisco 49ers have just not been that good at football. The team has been in a “rebuilding” phase for about four years now (21 and 43 over the last four seasons). That said, the prospect of a full year with 49er quarterback Jimmy Garoppolo (who led the 49ers to five straight wins to finish last season) and additions to the defense like Richard Sherman and Pierre Garcon, fans expect that this is the year that everything comes together. I’m taking the 49ers over the Vikings week 1.


Master Sgt. Jose Colon (82nd Airborne Division)


“Great defense wins Championships!”

During the past four seasons, the Minnesota Vikings defense has improved so much they’ve become arguably the NFL’s best heading into week 1 of the season.

While the former Patriots backup QB has shown a glimmer of hope for the 49ers at the end of the 2017 campaign, this will be his biggest challenge as he heads on the road to U.S.

Bank Stadium in Minneapolis. The Vikings have tough opponents on the schedule this season, but the 49ers are going to be one of their easier assignments. Final score: 49ers 10 - Vikings 21.