September normally marks the start of hurricanes for the state of North Carolina and this year is no different.

“We’ve had a lot of experience in planning and preparing for hurricanes hitting Fort Bragg and Florence is no different,” said Fort Bragg garrison public affairs officer Tom McCollum. “The Directorate of Public Works has already started making sure the lakes are lowered, that storm water drains are clear and prepping equipment that will be needed to keep Fort Bragg operational if the hurricane strikes here.”

“No matter what, the mission of Fort Bragg will continue.”

To help people prepare for a hurricane, Ready NC has a few tips to help you and your Families prepare and survive. Below is information on how to make a plan, get a kit, protect your home and evacuate if need be.

Make a Plan:

You and your Family members may not be in the same place when an emergency happens. It is important to plan ahead and talk about what you will do before, during and after an emergency. You need to talk about how will you get to a safe place, get in touch with each other and get back to each other. Download the Family Emergency Plan.

Your plan should contain:

Ensure your recall information is correct with your unit.

Phone numbers of a pre-assigned contact person for family members to call

List of where to find information on shelters (television, radio, this website, ReadyNC mobile app)

Bring in all outdoor furniture and items likely to fly away if high winds strike. No need for a chair or table to smash into a door or window.

Make sure your rain gutters are free and clear so rain water can move away from your house.

How to be safe if you stay in your home during an emergency

What to do with your pets

Thoughts about any older adults or those with functional needs in the home

Mold your plans for your Family’s needs. Think about creating a group of neighbors, friends or Family to help each other in emergencies. Talk how that group can help each other connect, care for children, pets or other needs.

Knowing how you will respond to an emergency at home, school or work will help you remain calm, think clearly and react well.

Being ready helps you and your Family. It also lowers the workload of fire fighters, police and emergency medical workers.

Get a Kit:

The time to put an emergency kit together is before a disaster.

An emergency kit is a container of items your Family may need in or after an emergency. Most of the items can be found in your house.

It is important to put them in one place. Be sure every Family member knows where the kit is kept.

You need to put enough water, food and supplies in your kit for three to seven day for each person and pet.

If you live off of Fort Bragg, you may be on your own for hours or even days after a disaster. Fort Bragg units, fire fighters and police cannot always reach everyone quickly. Basic services like water, gas, power, sewage treatment and phones may be not work for many days or more.

Being ready for an emergency helps you and your family to survive. It also allows police, fire fighters and emergency medical workers to help those who need it most.

Basic Supplies:

An emergency supplies kit is simply a group of items your Family may need in or after an emergency.