Multiple storms were brewing for the staff and Family members in the Womack Army Medical Center Labor and Delivery unit as Hurricane Florence approached Sept. 14.

All of 189th Combat Sustainment Support Battalion, 82nd Airborne Division Sgt. 1st Class Victor Robinson’s, wife Mayra’s plans went out the window as baby Vixander Manuel planned his entrance into the world during the hurricane.

During Florence, Womack’s labor and delivery unit delivered more than 30 babies and provided care for up to 90 patients.

This was the Robinson Family’s fourth delivery and fourth boy. So, they had everything planned out until they heard that a hurricane was coming.

Mayra explained she and her Family had prepared for the arrival of their fourth son by inviting her mother to come and stay to watch her three other boys while she was in the hospital.

“I came in for multiple routine appointments to help assist Vixander to get in the right position for delivery, because I was already at 40 weeks,” Mayra said. “Vixander wasn’t ready so they gave me a planned induce date for delivery.”

During her last routine appointment Mayra was admitted and prepped for delivery because Vixander was finally positioned and ready.

“I wasn’t ready for this at all,” she said. “I sent my mother home and at the time I was more concerned about preparing my Family and home for the hurricane.”

The Robinson’s adjusted their plan by booking a hotel on post in order to ensure the Family was together during the storm.

As the wind and rain picked up, the staff in the labor and delivery unit continued business as usual.

“I was so worried about how the hurricane was going to affect the conditions in the hospital, but everything ran like normal,” she said. “They did a good job to calm me down and reassuring me that I had nothing to worry about.”

As for hospital staff, they worked around the clock to provide for patients.

“A lot of our staff stayed overnight to ensure that our patients had a healthy happy delivery despite the circumstances,” said Sgt. Jessie Mills, assistant non-commissioned officer in charge of the Newborn and Women Care unit.

Vixander was born while the initial impact of Hurricane Florence was hitting Fort Bragg weighing in at an even 9 pounds.

“This is my last baby and I guess God had a plan for him to come a special way,” Mayra said.

Mother and baby were in good health following the birth and were sent home after the storm had passed.