The Tolson Youth Activities Center (TYAC) is organizing yet another haunted SCarowinds excursion just for teens in ninth to 12th grade 2 p.m., Friday at Carowinds amusement park in Charlotte, North Carolina.

According to the event page on, eligible teens must be Child and Youth Services (CYS) card holders and be registered to go by 2 p.m., Thursday at the youth center.

SaKeeta Lewis, director of the TYAC, said those interested in going but aren’t registered with CYS need not worry.

The youth program staff can get kids registered quickly because it’s a simple process, but teens who require to be on medication or need medical assistance should call ahead to make sure proper paperwork can be in order.

All the teens have to do is show up at the youth center at Building. 4-1431, Normandy Drive, and they will be bussed to the haunted attraction and back. All who dare brave the spooky adventure are encouraged to wear costumes as long as their faces are not hidden for safety purposes.

A themed trip to the SCarowinds excursion is a social development-type excursion, said Lewis.

“It’s having a safe place where they can come, be themselves and be accepted for who they are,” she said. “SCarowinds is just a day to kind of let your hair down where teens can just be teens — and have a good time.”

Lewis added, the event is another reason to get the kids into the youth center building and programs to have fun with one another. Parents need not fear, though it’s a Halloween event, there will be adult supervision from the TYAC the entire trip.

The frightful event is reserved for only older teens for many reasons, Lewis said.

“What it does is excites the middle schoolers,” she said. “And so as they get to the (eligible grades) they’re like ‘Oh, next year I can go to SCarowinds. So it’s kind of a good thing because it’s like a teaser.”

Registration is $60 and can be done at the TYAC. For more information call (910) 396-5437.