FAYETTEVILLE, N.C. — Soldiers from Fort Bragg united together Oct. 28 for a bowling tournament at B & B Bowling Lanes in an effort to support breast cancer awareness.

The event sponsored by Marcus Thompson, the founder of “The whoUwit” Foundation, had 24 teams compete for the opportunity to not only bring awareness, but to also show appreciation to survivors and encourage others who are still fighting the battle.

“It’s such an honor to have participated on this platform to directly show care, share smiles and honor the brave men (and) women who are breast cancer survivors, as well as those who lost the battle to cancer,” Sgt. Anthony Coachman, 82nd Airborne Division, said. “Much like the military service, we continue on a day-to-day basis to serve, protect and exemplify selfless service to this beautiful country and all the beautiful people in it.”

Soldiers were thanked at the event for their services, along with many breast cancer survivors who attended such as Trina Jerome. Jerome is a military spouse whose husband is stationed at Bragg and has gone through many of her treatments for cancer at Womack Army Medical Center. Receiving recognition from the foundation with a spotlight and flowers, Jerome gave a powerful thank you speech at the tournament.

“Marcus has touched our hearts putting together this event and seeing the community come together to rally behind him has touched our hearts,” Jerome said. “This was an amazing event. Breast cancer touches everybody not just the survivor, especially when you are going through treatment.”

She also talked about how breast cancer affects African American women at a higher rate and that men are not excluded from this disease and need to get checked as well.

Many participants including supporters, family and friends wore colors of pink or breast cancer shirts with logos such as “We will fight together” or “I beat cancer” that could been seen throughout the bowling alley.

“I enjoyed this event,” said Jane Ohl, an attendee who came to support the cause. “I always tell people once you choose hope, anything is possible.”