“Most military spouses do not wear uniforms but they honorably serve our nation,” said the Second Lady of the United States, Karen Pence during her speech.

Pence visited Fort Bragg Nov. 2, during which she gave a speech that emphasized her understanding of military spouses’ hardships and the things she has in progress to minimize some of the stressors.

“Military Families hold a special place in my heart,” Pence said.

She discussed a process, stating that she started with a campaign to elevate, encourage military spouses and to highlight resources that spouses can turn to for assistance.

With the help of the Trump administration and Military OneSource, spouses can have less stress when it pertains to certain situations particularly when it comes to challenges spouses encounter when having to move due to a Permanent Change of Station (PCS).

With moving, spouses face hurdles of getting a new job, getting a new certification for that job (if required) in another state or the expenses of moving which can be overwhelming in of itself.

“I am glad to see that someone is fighting for military spouses,” said Pamela Drake, military spouse. “It is hard for us spouses because we leave one state to work in another and we have to get recertified in that state for that particular job.”

Drake states how expensive it can be to recertify and how hard it is to find a job once you move to another state.

“Most employers do not want to hire us because they know that we move almost every two to three years and they do not want to take that chance,” she said.

She thanks Pence for her efforts on helping the military spouses and for being their voice.

Pence encouraged spouses to use the tools of Military OneSource. She talked about the resources they provide including finances, workshops, education, etc. A bill has been passed where military Families can get reimbursed up to $500 when they relocate. This is the beginning of the many improvements to come for smoothing out issues when it comes to spousal employment during relocation.

Companies such as Microsoft, Comcast and LinkedIn have joined the Department of Defense in order to support Pence’s campaign.

LinkedIn has provided spouses with a year of upgrade to a free premium account with each PCS, Pence said.

She added, “Military OneSource provides scholarships up to $4,000. It is your one-stop-shop and 24 hours of customer service.”

Bruce Moody, public affairs specialist for Department of Defense military community outreach, stated Military OneSource works with any military resources.

“The combination of resources makes us both stronger,” Moody said. “Our intention is to work alongside any resources at any installation. Every service offers things that are unique, in which that military spouses need to strive into the challenges of life.”

Military OneSource services covers topics such as confidential help, military life cycle, Family and relationships, moving and housing, financial and legal, education and employment, health and wellness, recreation, and travel and shopping.

For more information, call 1(800)342-9647 or visit www.militaryonesource.mil.