Fast-forwarding past Christmas and its epic struggles on the gridiron (Panthers, where are you?), I look eagerly to the spring.

As we near the rounding of another corner into 2019, the wait until “spring” sports waiting time, especially as training camps for the MLB are a few months out. Sure, football playoffs and the regular hockey season are great staples of this dry patch between the respective changing of the sporting guard, but these are not sports which cry, “spring!” We await that “cruelest month” of April, when the cleats come on and the golf carts rev into high gear.

Of course, I’m talking about footgolf.

For those who guffawed, Fort Bragg has a history of supporting this internationally growing sport, right here on Stryker Golf Course. It may lack the five D’s of dodgeball (dodge, duck, dip, dive and dodge) and the excessive head-butting of soccer, but where footgolf lacks in extravagant showmanship it makes up for in that perfect marriage between two of the world’s most popular sports.

You can now take a regulation soccer ball to a golf course and kick it. If you can finish the course in the fewest kicks possible, you win. What is more springtime-esque than that? A lunch with a big client? Forget the funny hat, take a ball and calf-socks with you to work and show them how it’s done!

I think even bigger about the possibilities of footgolf. My Sunday afternoons would be much livelier with mumbled commentary over somebody punting a soccer ball down a golf course, getting in a white-topped cart, and then hopping out again to kick it again. It’s the kind of dual-discipline sport which could take off in popularity, provided Vince Vaughn and Ben Stiller make a movie about it or Michael Jordan quits retirement to join the growing sporting trend.

Barring that, my column remains a bastion of footgolf advocacy, and as I pretend that there aren’t three months of winter ahead of me, I look forward to the king of springtime sports. I hope to see a real footgolf showdown on Stryker come April and May — let’s tee off.