Paratroopers of the 1st Brigade Combat Team, 82nd Airborne Division, conducted a week-long Command Post Exercise, Jan. 28 through Feb. 1.

“The exercise was the second brigade CPX to refine the staff processes for both current and future operations,” said Maj. Walter Gray, the brigade executive officer.

“This exercise helped brigade leaders finalize the command post layout, validated the brigade’s mission command systems for tactical operation command, tactical action center, and mobile command post.”

This exercise was designed to train brigade staff and subordinate leaders on how to successfully plan, coordinate, and synchronize operations during mission execution.

During the training exercise, they were able to focus all the brigade combat team warfighting functions toward the initial planning of the brigade’s “Devil Storm II” field training exercise.

This exercise is one of many which the brigade will conduct this year to ensure mission readiness as they prepare to enter the Global Response Force cycle.

“This was a fantastic opportunity to train our systems and paratroopers for upcoming training events,” said Gray. “It better prepares us to deploy and win as part of a Global Response Force.”