Housework is important of course but it’s such a hassle when you’re busy running an active household.

Maybe you have an active toddler or a demanding infant (who you have to nurse every two hours) and all of a sudden have way less time for things.

Most military Families have some degree of non-stop, busy lifestyles, always going and doing and often not meeting up again until after dark. Add a dog or two to the mix and things get even crazier.

Before you know it, stuff is piled in corners, the counters are full, dishes are dirty, no clean clothes to wear, and you maybe wish you had a magic wand to get it back together.

New Parent Support Program (NPSP) can help. Our smiling, friendly home visitors teach simple, no-pressure ways to help Families get housework under control for good.

NPSP created a Time-Management class around the well-known book, “Sink Reflections,” by Marla Cilley. The book gives seven simple ways to manage housework by spending just 15 minutes a day on “hot spots” and also something called a “27 fling boogie” to keep things straight.

The book shows readers new ways to look at house cleaning and make new habits that become routines to keep it all straight. Just maybe housework can become less of a chore for you, make you more efficient and have more quality time with your family.

For example, most of us have “dumps” in our house that are full of things we bring in but don’t have time to deal with at the moment.

This is where hot spots begin, and if not handled right they

can turn into an “inferno.”

Cilley advises preventing these piles by not bringing things into the house that you can’t put away right away. Instead, leave it in the car until you have time to put it away.

It’s easier to remember when it’s still out there, because once it’s in the house, we tell ourselves we’ll do it later and it gets forgotten.

Do you have a pile of papers overflowing a countertop? To reduce those ever-growing papers or bills you’ll “get to later,” start with the daily mail.

Put a small shredder by a trash can and make the habit of going through the daily mail right there.

Each scrap goes either in the trash, the shredder or filed in a proper place — wherever that may be — and nowhere else. Setting a bill or a magazine on the counter often times turns out to not be as temporary as you’d like.

Avoid that clutter by committing to doing this sorting trick daily.

Discipline is key. If you bring in kids’ toys, put them away in their rooms. Put groceries away as soon as you bring them in and place items from work on your side of your bed.

Even if you don’t put those things away right away, you will have to take care of them before you can lie down for the night.

Adopting these few easy habits can help you handle hotspots before they become horrible messes. Want more?

Want to learn that “27 fling boogie” dance? Call the NPSP if you are pregnant or have at least one child under the age of 36 months.

This program is one of the many benefits of being a part of a military Family. Active duty, retirees, and their Family members can all take advantage of this beneficial program.

Inquiries, referrals and requests can be made by calling NPSP at (910) 396-7951. Home visitors go anywhere on or off post and can schedule evening or weekend visits so both parents can attend.

NPSP looks forward to being there for you and your busy Family.