Womack Army Medical Center’s emergency management team sprang into action after concerns of a fire at Byars Health Clinic June 6.

Womack conducts training on how to respond to natural disasters and catastrophic events annually.

An effective response to natural disasters and catastrophic events requires hospitals to be capable of scaling clinical operations in the face of events that would not overwhelm normal business processes.

Byars was evacuated after some patients and staff smelled an electrical burn odor throughout the building.

“Our facilities manager at Byars Health Clinic, Pete Matusick, responded to complaints of an electrical burn smell and smoke coming from the ventilation,” said Joe Dooley, Womack safety manager.

Once Matusick investigated the reports he immediately took the proper steps to ensure patient safety.

“Everyone responded exactly how we’re trained in these situations,” said George White, emergency manager, Womack.

The staff called 911 and were informed by the fire department to have everyone evacuate the building.

Once everyone left the building, Matusick resolved the issue and the facility was back to normal business hours the next day.

“Our leadership encourages keeping our staff trained,” Matusick said. “I’m just here to do my job the best that I can.”