After a 16-year absence, Fort Bragg’s Family and Morale, Welfare and Recreation (FMWR) and the Cleland Ice and Inline Skating rinks welcome the return of the co-ed Adult Hockey League on-post.

From June 4 through Aug. 1, active-duty military and DOD ID card holders, ages 16 years and older, will convene on the ice for this recreational league with a collection of skill levels. Individuals and teams of eight to 13 players meet between 8:30 to 10:30 p.m., Tuesdays and Thursdays. Co-ed league hockey rules do apply.

This is an opportunity for hockey players and enthusiasts to play the game at a competitive, fun level, and focus on sportsmanship, equality and safety.

“The war hindered the continuation of the league,” said A.J. Guimont, manager, Cleland Ice Rink. “With troops being deployed, there was not enough manpower to sustain it. We are excited to have it back.”

When the hockey league met for the first time June 4 with 10 players in attendance, jerseys were provided to those who came equipped with their full protective hockey gear for the three-on-three game.

The nature of the three-on-three game is fast-paced with significant back-and-forth play. The objective is to maintain an offensive strategy that constantly keeps the feet moving, making it hard to guard and the puck tough to get. The line, or group of forward players, rotate shifts approximately every 45 seconds or every time a major penalty is called.

With players divided into two groups for rotation separated by blue and gray jersey colors, players dueled on the ice in a cool 55 degrees. The final score of the night was blue 6, gray 4.

“I am so happy to see its return, and have some organized games for the players,” Guimont said. “Most games would be pick-ups, but it is nice to have referees and a point system now.”

Delaney Adams, 19, substituted for a team that was down one player. A military Family member and student-athlete for Liberty University’s Division II hockey club team, Adams plays recreational hockey with the FMWR Adult Hockey League at Cleland on her off-season.

“Delaney, like many of the other players here, are happy to have the league return and have an avenue to play,” said Mike Adams, Delaney’s father and active-duty Soldier.

An Adult Hockey League tournament is scheduled for Aug. 3 starting at 7:30 a.m. A first place prize will be awarded to the top team and its players and those individuals’ names will be engraved on the Cleland Cup.

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