Fort Bragg residents can now submit work order requests, attach corresponding photos and check the status of their work order by using the new resident maintenance portal.

Corvias, Fort Bragg’s Residential Communities Initiative partner, launched their new portal in late May.

The resident portal can be downloaded as an app in an effort to help streamline work order submissions and management.

“The online portal is accessible via the Corvias installation page and the app is available to both Apple and Android users,” Corvias states on their website. “In addition, since residents can check the status of their work order, it brings a level of transparency to the process for the benefit of Corvias residents.”

During the housing town halls in the spring, one of the commonly-asked questions from residents was how can they check the status of their work orders. Before the new portal was implemented, residents were able to submit work orders to include online or by calling the maintenance number, but were unable to monitor the progress of their work order.

“The portal is a real-data system where residents can log in and track their work orders versus the older software,” said Sharon Shores, Fort Bragg Corvias director, during the neighborhood center town halls. “Residents can upload photos and attach them to their work order requests.”

Since May 21, approximately 2,015 work orders were processed through the portal and app. Since June 6, about 1,684 work orders came from Fort Bragg residents via the app.

“I have downloaded the app, and it seems user friendly,” said Pamela Drake, Fort Bragg Family member. “I remember during the town halls at the neighborhood centers, Corvias was talking about the new software system.”


It’s nice to see the new system in place and how the process of submitting a work order seems smoother, especially since we are in hurricane season and can expect inclement weather that may cause damage.”

The new resident portal can be found at From there, residents have the option to either create a new account or log in if their account is already established. To access the resident portal using the app, the resident must first create their account using the online portal.

After creating their new account, the app can be downloaded from the app store on an iPhone or Android device. Type “Resident Portal Mobile” in the search bar. The square icon “rp” should populate. The app is free and available to residents who live in Corvias housing on Fort Bragg.

While the resident portal is available to submit routine maintenance issues, Corvias asks residents to call in emergency concerns.

“For emergencies, such as water leaks, overflowing toilets, we still ask that (residents) call (866) 206-1365, so those can be taken care of as soon as possible,” Shores said.

Emergency work orders include, but are not limited to, electrical problems, water flooding the home, frozen water lines, broken glass, oven not working and unsafe playground parts.

In addition to using the resident portal and app to submit work orders, there are a variety of ways a resident can place a request:

Contacting, calling or visiting their community center

Calling (866) 206-1365

Visit the Maintenance Office at 51 Skytrain Drive on Pope Army Airfield

Online through the website at

Corvias Corporate Office by phone at (401) 228-2800 or via email at


For more information about the portal, visit or contact your community center.

If residents have any issues or concerns with Corvias and are unable to find a resolution, contact the Directorate of Public Works Housing Advocate line at (910) 908-4504. A DPW Housing advocate is standing by 24/7 to assist with residents’ concerns.