We are saddened to report the installation newspaper, The Paraglide, will publish its last print edition on July 25. The Paraglide served as a primary news source to connect Fort Bragg and its surrounding communities for over half-a-century. From wars to conflicts to homecomings, The Paraglide was there to share the Fort Bragg story with you. Our commitment is to continue telling the story.
However, this is not the end of The Paraglide. We will transition to a digital platform that will be housed on the Fort Bragg website, https://home.army.mil/bragg/.
Currently, we plan for the digital Paraglide to have four sections (subject to change):
News will cover unit events, messages from commanders, items that effect Fort Bragg service members, Families, and the DOD civilian workforce, including contractors and retirees. It will also include daily weather updates and job opportunities.
On-post Happenings will cover events, activities and services available on Fort Bragg.
Surrounding Opportunities will cover items of interest taking place within the next three weeks within the state of North Carolina with an emphasis on free activities.
Personalities will profile service members, Family members, Fort Bragg’s civilian workforce and retirees for their accomplishments outside of their career fields.
To ensure we are focusing on the right subjects we need your input. Please complete a short survey on The Paraglide Facebook page at: facebook.com/braggparaglide.